13 January 2010

processing: Preaching Class Day 1

We opened Chuck Campbell's preaching class with this John Coltrane footage and a discussion on how preaching and jazz share many attributes (tradition, inspiration, community, discipline, creativity, imagination, fundamentals, freedom, improvisation, practice, play...).

We closed with this charge from
William Stringfellow's Keepers of the Word:

In the middle of chaos, celebrate the Word.
Amidst babble, speak the Truth.
Confront the noise and verbiage and falsehood
Of death with the truth and potency
And efficacy of the Word of God.

Know the Word.
Teach the Word.
Nurture the Word.
Preach the Word.
Defend the Word.
Incarnate the Word.
Do the Word.
Live the Word.

And more than that, in the Word of God,
Expose death and all death’s works and wiles.
Rebuke lies.
Cast out demons.
Cleanse the possessed.
Raise those who are dead, in mind and bodies.

It's going to be a good semester.

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