10 January 2010

jamming: Winter Music Purchases

What a dangerous thing it is to give someone like me a fifty dollar iTunes card for Christmas! Here's what I've been wearing out of late...

Zach Williams- Story Time
Unique guy. Not afraid to wail. Reminiscent of some old Gainesville friends (Jukebox Wagon). I'd love to hear his church music. I was struck when I first heard him at Catalyst doing "Names that Fell". A worthy listen.

Bifrost Arts- Salvation is Created
Great Christmas project. Some new insights into familiar tunes and some totally new work, all performed with intrigue and artistry by a bevy of brilliant musicians.

Bifrost Arts- Come O Spirit
Yet another outstanding (even moreso) hymn and spiritual project. Featuring the likes of Dave Bazan, Damien Jurado, My Brightest Diamond, The Welcome Wagon, Rosie Thomas, Denison Witmer...

The Welcome Wagon- Purity of Heart is Willing One Thing EP
I can't really complain about someone who has the wherewithal to create a sing-song chorus out of a Kierkegaard quotation along with the chops to make us forget about Sufjan dropping the ball on cranking out geographic records (Where's FL, NC, IN...?) Another instance of relevant and interesting church music. There's a lot of good stuff coming out of Brooklyn these days.

Ryan Gustafson- Donkey LP
I really started to get frustrated reading the Independent's year-end lists which repeatedly extolled the virtue of the Drughorse Collective and the how unfortunate it was that Gustafson's record got overlooked, all the while overlooking it in its own ratings. For me this is about as close in feel, content, and quality as Ryan Adam's 'Heartbreaker' as about anything I've heard.

Cold War Kids- Behave Yourself EP
"Got this idea in my head and i can't get it out/
Cause all your money and all your culture/
I can surely live without/
A pile of treaures up on earth/
What you keep and what you take/
A property, vanity, and even knowledge for knowledge sake/
and i said../
Lord have mercy on me/
We're talking about two different things/
Televison and life magazines/
Lord have mercy on me" (Sermons)

Enough said.

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