15 December 2008

processing: Emmanuel Katongole & Chris Rice- Reconciling All Things

This Intervarsity Press release marks the first in a series of books released in conjunction with Duke's Center for Reconciliation. The co-authors are also the co-directors of the Center. The goal of the series, marked in this book, an extended thesis statement of sorts, is to pair a leading theologian (in this case Katongole) and a leading practitioner (Rice) to provide a well-conceived and faithfully produced angle on reconciliation. The pairings take reconciliation our from the ivory towers or from behind the pulpit and put it firmly in the middle of real life and situations. Katongole, a Catholic priest, Vatican-educated and theologically-adept, merges experience and worldly insight with Rice's (a lay Presbyterian) personal testamony of deep-south racism and recovery. This book lays the groundwork for what could be a very important series and topic in Catholic, mainline and evangelical circles in the near future. Volume 2 was recently released (L'Arche's Jean Vanier and Duke's Stanley Hauerwas Living Gently in a Violent World) and upcoming titles have names like Christine Pohl and Christopher Heuertz. Keep an eye out for all of these accessible, important, sensitive, and potentially paradigm-shifting books!

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