24 November 2008

processing: Kary Oberbrunner- The Fine Line

With this Jan 2009 release, Kary further investigates the useful paradigm he set up in Journey Towards Relevance. A constant struggle for many Christians (especially in evangelical circles) is just how to be faithful to a Holy God while living our God's command to love our neighbor and Paul's example of being "the all to the all"; how to be salt and light. Kary offers visual insight with the simple, though certainly not simply applied, analogy and model of a see-saw.

This is a great primer to get youth and undergrads a taste of some difficult philosophical questions we must ask ourselves in order to hold up the dialectic of dove-like innocence and serpentine discernment. Further reading, though not required, could certainly be introduced in this book. I commend Kary for bringing some of the vital arguments told several years ago from the ivory tower of academia by H. Richard Niebuhr. Dr. Niebuhr is rarely able to penetrate the halls of a high school youth group or an intercollegiate ministry though. Kary is able to start these conversations faithfully, gracefully, thoughtfully and humorously. As has been proven time and time again, "Tell all the truth but tell it slant." Kary's new book provides a truthful slant on an extremely relevant and necessary pursuit: loving God, loving people and reconciling the two.


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