22 September 2008

soundtracking my spiritual autobiography

In my Spiritual Formation class, this quarter we are given an exercise in which we are to present to our small group our "spiritual autobiography" in some form. After many failed ideas I finally figured out a creative way to tell my story. By soundtracking it. Below are the segments of my spiritual autobiography and the corresponding songs. Each song was picked based either on the content of the song, the importance to that era of my life, the mental/emotional associations I have with the song or artist or a combination of all of these.

1. Early Years: Amazing Grace- Willie Nelson
2.Family Life: Crazy- Ray LaMontagne
3.High School: Gotta Serve Somebody- Bob Dylan
4.Conversion: Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley
5.Desert Year 1: Solar System- Bill Mallonee
6.College Years: The Church- Derek Webb
7.Desert Year 2: To Be Alone- Sufjan Stevens
8.Carolina Move: Carolina- M. Ward
9.Marriage: Heavenly Day- Patty Griffin
10.Seminary: Theologians- Wilco

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