20 September 2008

looking forward to:

Here are some releases that I am excited about...

Sept 23:
Cold War Kids- Loyalty to Loyalty

After a swell debut, these musicians "who are Christians" (as opposed to Christian Musicians) are poised for a sweet sophomore effort.

Oct 14:
Ray LaMontagne- Gossip in the Grain
Ray is a crooner, watch out ladies, plus supposedly there's a track about a fictitious romance with Meg White.

Nov 1:
Avett Family Gospel Album
Favorite sons of North Carolina team up with the rest of the fam for some good ole gospel faves. Old Rugged Cross, etc... Might have to do some work to find this as it's their last exclusive release from Ramseur until their Rick Rubin produced American Records debut!


Oct 15
Eugene Peterson- Tell It Slant
Latest in the "Spiritual Theology" series. Each of the predecessors were fantastic (Christ Plays..., Eat This Book, The Jesus Way). The title apparently comes from the Emily Dickenson quote, "Tell the truth at all times, but tell it slant." This one is set to cover Jesus' words and parables and the way he told and acted as a sort of italicized Truth.

Oct 31
Ellen F. Davis- Scripture, Culture and Agriculture

My Old Testament professor previewed this the other day in class. Dr. Davis' book is bound to make an impression on and greatly contribute to scholarship and outlook concerning what our faith says about the way we eat and treat our land, as well as our neighbor. Bonus: forward by Wendell Berry.

Oct 3
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
Starring the guy from Sean of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, bound for some laughs.

Nov 14
The Road
Next in a line of Cormac McCarthy adaptations. This post-apocolyptic Pulitzer Prize winner has some great ingredients and great likelihood of hanging around when the Oscar hardware is being divvied up. Director from The Preposition (see that one if you haven't!), Vigo Mortenson, plus some great cameos and a potential breakout from a young actor.

*LATE ADD (for Sridhar's sake)*

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