12 August 2008

jamming: conor oberst

01. Cape Cañaveral
02. Sausalito
03. Get-Well-Cards
04. Lenders in the Temple
05. Danny Callahan
06. I Don't Want to Die (in the Hospital)
07. Eagle on a Pole
08. Moab
09. NYC - Gone, Gone
10. Valle Místico (Ruben's Song)
11. Souled Out!!!
12. Milk Thistle
Conor Oberst - Conor Oberst
on the npr scale (buy it, burn it, trash it) this is a firm BUY!

tracks range from Cold Roses styled Ryan Adams to road ramblin' Tom Petty (Sausilito, Moab) to Arcade Fire/Springsteen-esque blues (Don't Wanna Die in a Hospital). Solid effort from Conor, not nearly as spacey as Cassadega, not all that whiny, much more on par with I'm wide awake and it's morning! and 'bowl of oranges'. Good end of summer record, solid for back porch club or windows down in the car.

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AJ said...

ohhhh...i was anticipating this release...good to know it comes recommended!