10 August 2008

don't need those words to say what i mean...

"Ever since I learned how to curse.
I’ve been using those sorry old words.
But I’m talking to these children and I’m keeping it clean.
I don’t need those words to say what I mean.
No, I don’t need those words to say what I mean."
-avett bros.- tear down the house

funny that it takes a bluegrass ballad to make me investigate myself. lately i've been considering the weight of my words, this new discipline of blogging (if you want to call it a discipline) has forced me to pare down my thoughts into somewhat logical words and sentences. i've felt the weight of such words in the task of saying what it is i mean. this has extended to my speech and made me consider how many times i use words that don't mean what i mean. my problem is not specifically 'curse words', but rather filler words. words like fricken, and dadgum; words that come to surface for me once i start to castigate others for foul mouths and limited vocabularies. i've been accutely aware of how many times i do, to put it in avett-speak, 'need those words to say what i mean.' as a minister of the gospel of Christ i must form my speech (and writing) not by uninformed or under-thought words but by transformed, renewed, spirit-filled vocabulary. verbiage that reflects the resurrection-life that i'm living.

(resurrection-punctuation to follow, right now i'm focusing on content not syntax so much)

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