16 July 2008


defining beauty is slippery. one man's art is another's garbage. one's edgy message, another's pornography. one's simplistic splendor, another's drab humdrum. some have rubrics, some have qualifications. beauty is presented as subjective or objective often depending on the subject matter. all this to say, few things i've encountered have surpassed the purity and beauty i saw tonight on the face of a 2 year old baby girl, stricken with cancer and in between radiation treatments. her face shone with a tenderness and familiarity that i know far exceeded the suffering and blindness that haunts her little body. it's very cliche to attribute angelic features to children or to use the whole "I stared into the face of G-d" phrase, her face though, was so magnetic and so perfect even as she reached quixotically for the air twelve inches in front of her blinded eyes, i couldn't help but be drawn. couldn't help but feel the haunting presence of the Spirit. couldn't help but feel a curiosity and nearness. couldn't get rid of the suspicion of being near some kind of "thin place". couldn't get my ears to stop the prophetic ringing saying things about "a new creation," and how "out of gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind will see," and that things will some day be put to rights.

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