24 May 2010

jamming: Brett Harris- Man of Few Words

It's been a while since I've had the time, availability and stamina to offer any decent blog ponderings. A terrible shame considering some of the incredible music I've come across over the hectic last couple months.  This week I hope to get up a couple of reviews. 

Since Good Friday , I've been steadily engrossed with Brett's first full-length record.  Relying on deft production  and  stout playing by some of the Triangle's most talented dudes (along with a guest appearance by Brooklyn dudette Annie (sans Beekeepers)), Harris comes out of the LP gate strong with a set of sophisticated pop tunes.

I Found Out opens summer every bit as much as it opens the album.  Its hopeful and epiphanic tone continues with the Abbey Road-esque album track Something Beautiful.  The song's gentle melody and vinyl character offer 52 seconds and then a gripping ellipsis...

For such a beautifully cohesive album, perhaps both the sonic outlier and the centerpiece is the lilting country harmony, Unspoken.  In a way, this track wrests the record's mood from the pubs of 60's Liverpool back to the PBR-swilling bars of Carrboro, where it was made.  Brett proves that he can hold his own around venues and listeners well-acquainted with the broken-hearted ballads made recently popular by acts like Whiskeytown and Tres Chicas.

Other stand-outs include the groovy Viva la Vida-styled Perpetual Motion, the title-track, and the Oh Darling re-rendered blues number Over and Over.

Brett is quickly proving his chops as a songwriter, performer, and student of music.  Keep your eye on his talent and get an ear on this remarkable album.

Photos Courtesy of Monica Damron

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