20 April 2010

preaching: Re-imagining the E-Word: Confession, Cost, & Community (Ps 32)

Here is the final installment of preaching class preaching.  We were given an assortment of Lectionary passages for the 11th Sunday of Ordinary Time.  I chose to re-evaluate Evangelism in light of David's maskil of Psalm 32.  Let me know what you think.


John Jay said...

I just finished listened to your sermon. It is 1am so take all of this with a grain of salt or a spoon full of sugar or a shot of Bourbon. Whatever your fancy. Here we go.

There were parts that I liked a lot. The beginning was strong. It was more authentic sounding than other sections. Some initial thoughts: you used "I think" in several places, but could have dropped it and just said what you meant. By that point in the sermon, I trusted you enough to not need qualifiers. When you are just talking (I cannot tell when you are reading and when you are just talking from the audio so this is a guess) you have a good tonal range. It is subtle, but effective.n Listen to around minute 4, "I don't really know how many commitment cards y'all filled out..." Somewhere in the middle, you flatten out and the words begin to plod. The text is really good, but I do not believe that you believe it as much as you are wanting me to. Take a look at your audio image from sound cloud. Notice the spikes and the variance before 6:30, then see the leveling out after. There is a long pause (which is fine), but after the pause you change vocally. It may be familiarity with the earlier stuff and more notes in the latter. Keep your subtle variance throughout.

Right around 15:30 you go into your final part. "There isn't a future without forgiveness..." This was a great way to bring it home. I almost wanted you to repeat some of this, emphasizing the powerful words that you were speaking. Many of them were worth saying twice, maybe even more. To borrow a terrible phrase, this was the take-away, and I did not want to miss any of it. Now I can just go back and listen to that section until I know it backwards, but the sermon moment makes no such allowances.

What you have to say is worth saying. It is carefully crafted, it is faithful, and it is much of the time downright poetic. Now you need to figure out how to sing it, how to shout it, how let it escape like breath.

Thanks for sharing. Sad I can't hear you preach in May at church. Blessings as you finish up year two of three. How are we already this far in?!

brez said...

thanks man, that is all really helpful, constructive feedback.

there is definitely a middle lull, that comes probably from getting tired, or changing to a different type of content, my precept mentioned it in class, the soundcloud wave is helpful to "see" this.

this last two has been crazy and intense. i look forward to the last one (and the end of this one) and to working with you up the road.

thanks for the feedback and your friendship.