01 January 2010

preaching: GC Epiphany blogpost

When a new year rolls around, it’s a funny thing. Kind of a hinge, some people are left on one side picking up the pieces of 2009 or trying to keep momentum on what they’ve started. Others giddily leap forward into 2010 saying, “Good Riddance!”

We’re bombarded with advertisements and infomercials trying to help us start off with a bang. Gyms are packed for the first two weeks of the year with “resolute” people trying to treadmill their way to six-pack abs. Whether we’re part of the demographic that grudgingly crosses out the 9 ans squeezes in a 1 on their personal checks well into February or the set that has big plans for “O-Ten,” there is one thing that we can hope and pray for: Epiphany- light-bulb moments that help us recognize God in our midst!

This Sunday when we gather, we’ll continue in St. Luke’s “orderly account” (Lk 2:22-32) and explore Simeon’s clear vision of the child Jesus as Messiah. This vision, given by God and rooted in faithfulness, results in an understanding of who God is, where God is working, and what that looks like. What a light-bulb moment!


Rather than mere resolutions or prayers only asking the Holy Spirit to convict and change us, let us pray that God’s Spirit inhabits, reveals, and animates us in ways that surprise and include us in on God’s redemptive reality. That’s what I pray for our New Year.

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