15 December 2009

Screening: Sad Santa

Advent season, at it's best, forces us to make room for the manger-born Messiah (the God-man) whose birth was foretold by an angel to a virgin in a backwoods Middle-Eastern town. Bearing the ridiculousness of each part of that last sentence in mind, we might do well during this time to look upon casual things which we normally would take for granted through a bit more of a critical (but ultimately sensitive) lens. When we do this, the lustre often fades, the appeal is fleeting, and the foolish things shame the wise (1 Cor 1:27).

I present to you, not a smeared portrayal of Santa, making obvious what you are supposed to feel; but rather a realistic and infinitely more unsettling imaging of a symbol of something much larger. Could we use this technique more? Instead of tactlessly calling idols out, might we powerfully but subtly reveal these untruths for the disappointing counterfeits they are; trusting the Spirit and letting people figure it out for themselves?

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