10 November 2009

jamming: Philip Henry- hwæt

Though I'm typically not an electronic music fan, I must shout out this effort from my friend, Nashvillain-turned-nerdy high school English teacher Durhamite (hence the Beowulfian album name), Philip Henry.

After a long process of putting it together, Phil has composed an quite an elegant album of arrangements, certainly worthy of a good listen: LALA. It has been the proper muzak fuel to my week of endless paper-writing.

track listing:
1. Morph
2. New Prodigal
3. Damnatio Memoriae
4. Erase You
5. Interrobang
6. Barber Trip
7. Dons McCob
8. Re-erase You
9. Protean Rabbit
10. Vedauwoo

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