19 August 2009

jamming: Bowerbirds- Upper Air

track listing:
1. House of Diamonds
2. Teeth
3. Silver Clouds
4. Beneath Your Tree
5. Ghost Life
6. Northern Lights
7. Chimes
8. Bright Future
9. Crooked Lust
10. This Day

Thank goodness these guys came out of the woods (where they inhabit outside of Raleigh) long enough to record, play clubs, and bump up against civilization. I can't really stop playing this record. It is a nice summer, mellow set to go alongside some of the nice local tunes of Megafaun, Bon Iver, and the Mountain Goats.
"I don’t need from you a waterfall of careless praise/
And I don’t need a trophy for all the games I played/
But all I want is your eyes/
In the morning as we wake for a short while"
Not since Skinny Love have I been captivated by such a bitter-sweet love/loathe tune as I am currently occupied with Northern Lights. I beg you, listen to these wispy, spare, melancholy songs of love, loss, lust, and locale.

*On a slightly (un)related note check out daytrotter.com. It is a life-changing (a bit dramatic) way to check out new and check up on old music. There is always a well-written and thoroughly enjoyable essay up and all the artists record their own or covered material, that is then thrown up on the site for free download. Brilliant. Check out the Bowerbird's July 7, 2009 jaunt through the studio: HERE.

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