05 August 2009

teaching: 'Reconciling All Things' Book Study

Tomorrow concludes our summer long study of Reconciling All Things. I highly recommend this book for study, prayer, and communal consideration. Our mission of seeking reconciliation to God and others is indispensable for the Church. I am posting for download, my study guides for each chapter. They are not official by any means, if they are not helpful, disregard. If they help, help yourself! Peace be with you.

Study Guide 1

Study Guide 2

Study Guide 3

Study Guide 4

Study Guide 5

Study Guide 6

Study Guide 7

Study Guide 8

ps. here is the link to a preview of the next in Resources for Reconciliation series from IVP: Welcoming Justice by: Charles Marsh & John Perkins forward by Philip Yancey due November 2009.

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