28 May 2009

fungoes Fantasy Baseball Update VII

Had my starting pitching not let me down this would have truly been a stalemate. For once I one out offensively at the neglect of my pitching & defense. I fear I may have over compensated and thrust too much effort and attention on RP, we'll see. This team is playing with the consistency and stability of my Creek JV team (which finished a strong 6-9). Put it together fellas.

Found out that Enos Slaughter (that's right THE Enos Slaughter) is buried in the cemetery at my wee Roxboro Methodist Church.

In other pressing baseball news...I managed to bust a blister this past weekend in Alexandria with Whit, Wes, & David taking a mere ~50 swings in the cage. I'm loosing it, I have those sissy hands- better start the Moises Alou treatment to toughen them up.

Much to my surprise, I am not not the only one suffering this problem. Much to my chagrin Casey Stengel articulated it better on and off the field before I was a thought:

"I was such a dangerous hitter I even got intentional walks in batting practice."* ~Casey Stengel, 1967
*More accurately describes David's predicament when I started to throw.

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