21 April 2009

Sons of Thunder: 2009 Campus Intramural Softball Champions!

With three wins this week in the playoffs we captured the campus title. What a great group of guys we assembled and a great job coach Dave did putting and keeping the whole thing together! This whole thing held a little more significance for me than maybe it should have. Prior to this year I was kind of the Buffalo Bills or the Atlanta Braves of intramural sports, having lost in the campus championships of three IM softball seasons at UF (the Sultans of Swat captured one the semester after I graduated) and one IM dodgeball championship this past Fall. T-shirts forthcoming.

John Jay Alvaro
Chris Breslin
Ben Carroll
Dave Crispell
Thomas Dickson
Curt Lowndes
Brett McCarty
Eric Prenshaw

Zach Riley
Jon Tschanz

Tom Warren

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