19 March 2009

Forget March, I'm Looking Forward to October...

Yeah it's exciting that the brackets are finally getting ready to be busted, the Breslin Bracket competition is underway and President Obama gets to test his meddle; though, if you're looking for encouragement in a time of uncertainty and discouragement, the March Madness is the last place you want to go to prove your decision-making and ability to predict future events. To be perfectly honest, I'm already sick of it. Sick of Ty Lawson's toe. Sick of the ESPN's BigEast-philia. Most of all, sick of Doug Gottlieb! So instead, I will swim upstream. Hopefully awaiting the first pitch at the DBAP and sitting contently with my lousy fantasy baseball team that I drafted last night. 'the fungoes' are a motly crew (not in an 80's rock band sense, but in a pick-24-guys-that-Billy-Beane-salivates-over sense). I give to you my proud, but not likely successful lineup for the 2009 season:

C Victor Martinez, Kurt Suzuki
1B Nick Swisher, Billy Butler
2B Mark DeRosa
SS Khalil Greene
3B Evan Longoria
DH Jason Giambi
OF Josh Hamilton, Matt Holiday, Vlad Guerrero, Delmon Young, JD Drew, Eric Byrnes, Matt LaPorta (they should've listed him as Mr. Dara LaPorta)

P Dan Haren, Rich Harden, Joey Devine, Billy Wagner, Mark Buerle, Matt Garza, Barry Zito, Jered Weaver, Tim Hudson

As you can see, I picked my team unabashedly with an Oakland slant. This method hasn't proven successful in the past, but neither has your bracket! Duke to win, Louisville out early, all hail Moneyball.

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Wayne-O-Mite said...

Where did you draft Giambi? I think that could be a big pick up if the Oakland air does to him what the prospect of a 15 over 2 upset does to Digger Phelps. Was that too much a reach to say something so simple?

I like the pick up.

And I love M.Ward. And you too.