11 February 2009

DUKE/UNC from ground zero: 10 minutes of live-blogging from a campus eatery

well, it's here, finally.
I just saw Lance Thomas getting accosted at the union for cell phone pictures, plenty of "Go To Hell Carolina" shirts around campus, K-Ville looks like a refugee camp, and in the past 10 days I've received 2 separate e-mails from the University warning of a pink-eye outbreak and a meningitis scare (one can only assume the standing water and undergrads fit into that equation somewhere). I'm sitting in the Refectory eavesdropping on a conversation from a bunch of hipster, New-Englander/Canadian undergrads speculating on the alleged defensive prowess of Zoubek and reinforcing to the point of utter madness, ney, punctuating every sentence with, the fact is a "BIG GAME!" Thanks for filling me in on that one,but shouldn't you be making sure your skinny jeans match your scarf and not speculating on the root Jon Scheyer's shooting woes. The next conversation disgusses the blury line between fan and stalker. Blurry indeed around here.

On a day like this it helps me to ask for intercession from my trusty patron saint, who just so happens to be a PTP'er baby! Nothing's sacred on gameday.

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