16 October 2008

jamming: ray lamontagne- gossip in the grain

1. You Are The Best Thing
2. Let It Be Me
3. Sarah
4. I Still Care For You
5. Winter Birds
6. Meg White
7. Hey Me, Hey Mama
8. Henry Nearly Killed Me
9. A Falling Through
10. Gossip In The Grain

Solid new one from Ray. The man has golden vocal chords folks. It is this disc though that made me stop and realize that I like Ray not just because of the rootsy sincerity of Trouble, the unbridled intensity of Till the Sun, or his consistent Van Morrison schtick, but because he's got an playfulness to go along with all that heart wrenching honesty. The playfulness rears it's head on the opener with Memphis/New Orleans style horn section and repetitious chorus that has a similar effect to the similarly phrased "We're Still Having Fun and You're Still the One." Team that with the Meg White track and you have a completely different disc than his previous two. He pens a fictitious(?) love song to the peppermint clad percussionist, dismissively stating, "you're the bomb, Jack is all right, don't get me wrong!" Not high song writing, but the irony and flirtatiousness is on pretty thick. Verdict: thumbs up. Along with this new ground you have a track that could have been on Trouble (Let It Be Me (not a beatle's song)) and one from the second installment (the intense Title Track). Well done; great rain-storm music, even better teamed with autumn foliage.

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