29 September 2008

jamming: Mason Jennings- In The Ever

Good chill music, a la label mate Jack Johnson but with less coastal feel. Several songs have spiritual under or overtones. Major complaint of Mason is that for as decent as his songwriting is and where he's coming from theologically, he always manages an extremely universalist song on almost every album. If I could just excise "I Love You and Buddha Too" I would. If you get rid of that one it's a solid album. Maybe only one to burn or borrow. If you get a listen expect some nice drawn out Dylan-esque croons and the use of "girl" as if it were a comma. Do however look for track 5, fixed firmly in the middle of a studio album is a great live track (Your New Man) that has the humor of a Johnny Cash/Shel Silverstein/Flight of the Conchords tune. "Please say he doesn't tuck his shirt in, please. Please say he doesn't wear a gold chain, please."- said with all the feined and actual jealousy of love unrequited. Great.

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